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Dear Builder,
How often have you wished you could give a client a very accurate ballpark figure (around 95%) in the fastest possible time so you don't have to waste hours and even days giving them FREE quotes, and then find out it was too dear for them.....and you've wasted your valuable time ?

Well that's exactly what BallPark does. BallPark uses all the power of the TURBO program (working in the background) to calculate a 95% accurate quote for most houses in about 25 minutes and major additions in about 45 minutes. When we first decided to develop BallPark, we weren't sure we could do it....but we have.... and the videos below will show you how we did it.

It does this by setting default walls, floors, roofs and room inclusions etc., and uses these for starters before fine tuning them for each individual job.
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BallPark is an annual subscription of $880 including GST.

You get:
1) Licences to run it on 3 computers within 
    the one organisation.
2) Training Videos.
FREE  Lifetime Log On Support.
FREE  Lifetime Program Updates and New Features.

God bless,
Paul Moir

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A Sobering Thought!
Click the calculator to see the real cost of your quotes both in money, and time away from your family....and decide if a QuoteFast program is value for money.!!!

TURBO and BallPark are two totally separate programs that do what they each do best. Each program can be bought separately, and can be joined at any time by purchasing the
TURBO GT program. TURBO gives you all the whistles and bells needed in a full blown estimating program (see Features page) such as all the numerous reports and prices download facilities, whereas BallPark was designed to be super fast in giving a "ballpark" figure without all the whistles and bells to see if it's feasible to give a fully accurate quote ready for contracts.
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Approximate costing time for these jobs to 90-95% accuracy using BallPark is between 25 minutes and 1 hour.                                                                                                                                                                     Approximate costing time for these jobs to 90-95% accuracy using BallPark is between 25 minutes and 1 hour.

While TURBO calculates EXACT costs for different components of a building, we noticed when developing BallPark that the cost of different slabs, timber floors, walls (of similar specs) and roofs etc., didn't vary very much from spec to spec. EG: a 100 x 20mpa x F72 slab is only a few dollars different per m2 to a 125 x 25mpa x F92 slab. So over a 250m2 job the cost difference is quite small. The same can be said for the walls and roofs etc. So by setting and using defaults, BallPark can then cost most jobs to 95% accuracy super quickly. It can also use its Artificial Intelligence to automatically add concrete pumps and default footings when you cost a Slab, DPs when you cost Gutters, and for a timber floor BallPark can automatically add sub-floor walls and piers without you even thinking to do so, and so on with other components of the building.

Click on the BallPark buttons above to watch this incredible program cost either a New House in about 25 minutes, or a major addition and renovation in about 45 minutes.

God bless,
Paul Moir
BallPark costing a New House in about 25 minutes.
BallPark costing a major Renovation and Addition in about 45 minutes.
BallPark  for New Houses, Renos and light Commercial
The Software is downloaded from the Internet.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.