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New Zealand GT-X: Cost: $4780  (Aus). Exchange rate current at time of purchase applies.
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Annual Subscription including GST: $880

ToolBox is an optional subscription after the first FREE 12 months.
GT-X Optional Toolbox includes:

1)  All GT-X Program Updates for that 12 months. (Available Now)

2) LPD:  (Available Now)  Live Prices Download. LPD downloads 4000+ local material prices State by State and are updated every 24 hours. LPD automatically updates the Central Pricelist in GT-X for you.

3) Sketchit:   (Available Now) For clients who want a quote, but don't have any plans, Sketchit is a mini CAD program where you can draw a basic plan on the screen (no elevations etc required) and as fast as you can draw it, Sketchit will give you a 95% accurate "ballpark" price.

DataBank(Available Now) This feature allows you to download additional Price Items and Composite Rates requested by other builders that you can use in your own GT-X, using your own price rates.

5) Software Engine Tune up:    (Available Now) This feature will tune up your software's database engine of Prices and Composite Rates to keep it running smoothly.

6) TURBO COST: (Available Now) GTX comes in 2 versions. The Std GTX program includes the Standard costing system. The GTX-TURBO program includes ToolBox with all the tools shown here, including the TURBO COST system. TURBO COST is a faster more flexible and more structured costing system than the Std version. ToolBox is given FREE for the first 12 months after purchase to upgrade GTX Std to GTX TURBO.  ToolBox then becomes an optional yearly extra as above.

7) S.A.M:   (Available Now)  SAM is a Site Assessment Manager. Just click on items on site and send the site info, condition of an existing house and job requirements you've discussed with the client  back to GT-X from any laptop or tablet. SAM also allows you to take photos and links the photos to the appropriate note. You then simply click on the SEND TO GTX button, and the info including photos is sent from site to your GT-X estimating program and entered into THAT client's file ready for you to see when needed........  further reducing the time to quote.

8) Job Shed:    Job Shed will be a full blown Job Scheduler to schedule all the Materials and Labour purchase and Construction. It will re-schedule after wet whether and other delays as well as subbie and client communications.

9) Combos: (Available Now) Combos are combinations of Composite Rates, that we make for you to cut quoting times on many items by 66% - 80%. They are downloaded through DataBank.
Remaining Tools will be progressively added to ToolBox as they are completed.
Optional Annual ToolBox: Cost: $800  (Aus). Exchange rate current at time of purchase applies.
GTX Cost: $4980 including GST
NO compulsory annual licence fee.
You get:
Licences to run GTX on 3 computers within the one organisation

FREE  On Going Log On  SUPPORT

GTX is upgraded to
GT-X TURBO with FREE ToolBox for the first 12 months.

You can purchase TURBO GT-X  over the phone in about 10 minutes, by calling us on (02) 4358 4466 and purchasing by Visa or MasterCard or....

by Direct Bank Transfer.
Australia and New Zealand's FASTEST - EASIEST and MOST POWERFUL estimating program.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.
You own the "Licence to Use" for life.
No other software offers the ToolBox advantages below.