Both TURBO and BallPark will run on an Apple Mac computer if you have the small convertor program called Parallel Desktops.

This small program allows you to switch between Mac and Windows programs and run any Windows software on a Mac computer.

WARNING: Please note that even Mac programs will NOT run on an iPad tablet. They have 2 different operating systems.

If you want to use a tablet style computer, you will need to run a Windows based computer. There are many tablets that run Windows programs as well.

Naturally if you're using a Mac, you'll also need Windows, and to print the reports you'll need Word and Excel for Windows.

We have many builders using QuoteFast on a Mac, but we also have many "Mac" builders buying Windows laptops just as a dedicated business computer because there is much more business software available for Pcs than MACs.

You can run QuoteFast on any tablet that runs Windows.
30 day FREE Trial of QuoteFast TURBO
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QuoteFast and Apple MACs
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30 Day Free Trial
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Dear Builder,

To the best of our knowledge, QuoteFast is the only estimating software company offering a 30 Day free trial of it's program, and NOT just a demo..

If you buy a car, you'd want to have a test drive, and so it should be with a new estimating program.

Having a salesman from the company demonstrating the software for you is like going for a test drive and letting the salesman do the driving.
Many of our builders (because they're so busy) watch the videos on our website and because "what you see is what you get", they're happy to buy our program without a trial.

But if you'd like to download the trial, we're happy to provide it for you.

If you have any problems with the download because of slow internet connection, or an interuption to the download, please just call us and log on using our FREE Log Onsupport button below.

Garry or I can then log on and download it for you.

God bless,

Paul Moir
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If you're having problems downloading the 30 Day Trial, please just ring us FIRST on (02) 4358 4466 then click the purple button so we can help you.
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Please see Mac computer note at the foot of this page.