Builders and Wives references
Builders and Wives references
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L-Plate Training Courses
Although we have over 130 Training Videos in the program, and these are great to get the overall idea and feel of the program, our builders asked us for a STEP by STEP help system, so we developed our exclusive L-Plate Training Courses.

Each course takes you STEP by STEP through whatever it is you want to know.

The button below is what you see in the program, and if you click on it you will see the panel that appears for you to choose the L-Plate training Course you want.
Builders and Wives references
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BallPark Overview Video
From THIS to THIS.....costed to 95% accuracy in 45 MINUTES with BallPark.     We stripped the wall cladding and roof tiles.....reshaped and clad the roof with colorbond iron......laid a footing around the house.....brick veneered and rendered the external walls.......replaced the front windows.....built the first floor 5 bedroom / 2 bathroom addition.......remodelled the kitchen and bathroom.... and....knocked out internal walls......all in 45 minutes......Watch the Video below.
With BallPark it's...     Builders  1      Tyre Kickers   0
BallPark Overview Additions and Renovations Video.
Training Videos
BALLPARK - During our March / April 2013 promotion, we'd like to give you FREE use of the incredible BallPark program for 3 months, when you purchase our TURBO estimating program.

We think it's incredible and when you watch the videos below, we think, and hope, you'll agree.

Imagine being able to cost a job no matter whether it's a one off, or easy, new house, or addition and renovation in 25 minutes and 45 minutes for most jobs.

Then if the price is in the "ballpark" for the client, being able to fine tune it in TURBO in about another 15 minutes to give a 100% accurate quote ready for contract.

The professionalism you'll show to your client by giving them a 95% accurate quote on the night or next day   puts you way ahead of other builders not using BallPark or TURBO.

No wonder we say: With BallPark it's....... BUILDERS 
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3 Months BallPark FREE offer