SAM (Site Assessment Manager) is a tool in  the GTX ToolBox that allows you to go to site and take notes and photographs of Site Items such as bad access, storage space, trees in the way etc. SAM also allows you to note and photograph the condition of the existing house such as mouldy ceilings, cracks in the driveway, pointing and bedding of tiles that needs repairing or rusty gutter that needs replacing etc. It also allows you to sit with your client and note job requirements such as anything they may want to supply like Bathroom PC items, or what types of doors are on the robes etc.

If you have a current GTX ToolBox, all this information is then sent to your GTX estimating program at the click of a button and downloaded into THAT client's file ready for you when doing their quote.

SAM also sends a report to the client with all this information (including photos) so they're aware before construction begins that they have cracks in the driveway and mouldy ceilings they can't blame you for the damage and want restitution.
GT-X ToolBox is provided FREE for the first 12 months after the initial GT-X purchase, then as an OPTIONAL annual subscription to compliment and service your GT-X program. The tools in it have been designed to increase its value, save you time, and keep GT-X  running smoothly. From time to time we'll be adding new tools to make ToolBox even more helpful to you. Often the tools we add to ToolBox are a result of ideas from our QuoteFast GT-X builders.

SAM is one of those tools.

Paul Moir
Program Designer.

SAM is
FREE to all builders who have GTX and a current ToolBox subscription as at 12/08/2016.

SAM is
$385 (including GST) to all builders whose GTX ToolBox is not current, then is automatically added to your ToolBox at no additional charge. As SAM is a ToolBox tool, ToolBox must be made current first.

SAM can be bought and used separately from GTX and is $880 (including GST) if you do not have the QuoteFast GTX program. Please note that the Report to the client function is only available when GTX and its ToolBox are installed and current. All other features are available.

Different Computers have different settings:
If you happen to receive this Error Message please click to install this
TURBO Missed Items FailSafe Video
How SAM works.
Important Note:

SAM will
ONLY run on a WINDOWS tablet or computer. It will NOT run on an iPad or Samsung tablet as these don't run Windows based software. Click to Install SAM: