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QuoteFast SAM
QuoteFast SAM
Whilst it's always good to have photos of the site, it's still good to have hard copy details of the Site and Existing House if there is one.

These Site Inspection forms will help you note all the details about the site, the existing structure and its condition and defects, so you can let the client know BEFORE you start work.
In the QuoteFast GTX program there is an electronic form of these Site Inspection forms. It is call S.A.M.
Dear Builder,

Winning jobs is about relationships just as much as price. This might sound a bit of a sweeping statement, but having been in the industry for over 40 years and having signed up literally 1000s of clients in that time, I can assure you it's a fact.

Many builders make the mistake of competing on price alone instead of competing on price AND professionalism.
When you first see a prospective client we all know there's no second chance to make a good first impression.

These JOB REQUIREMENT forms are FREE to use with our compliments, and are another tool to help give you an even more professional appearance for your client.

When you're back in the office, they'll give you a written record of what was discussed "on the night" in case agreed details differ from the plans.
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Dear Builder,

From time to time and for a limited time only, we set aside a number of copies  of GTX to help builders purchase the latest GTX Estimating Software at well under the RRP. The Discount is ONLY available while this offer lasts and GTX must be purchased DURING the 7 day free Trial of the software.
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SAM allows you to take photos and notes and send them back into the GTX estimating software to refer to when doing your quote. SAM also sends a Defects Report, complete with photos to the client at the click of a button
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