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L Plates
- How to cost an External Wall.
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Easy for builders to learn QuoteFast
L Plate Training Courses make QuoteFast EASY.
Even builder's wives say it's easy
"I can swing a hammer with the best of them, but no way can I use computers!"

That's OK.

Leave us to make the program easy to use so you too can become a "computer geek", as well as swing a hammer.

Garry and I know that most of our builders started out not liking computers (and that's putting it mildly).

Many left the computer work to their wives and girlfriends, while they went off and built the jobs (or went fishing).

With our L Plate Training courses on screen, the 130 Training Videos, and if all else fails our FREE Log on Support; quoting with computers couldn't be easier.

We often have builders say that they didn't realise how easy QuoteFast was, and how powerful it was to save time and win more jobs. Take a look at the list of features in the program.
"I hate Computers !!!!!
"Give me a hammer any day."
I hated Computers till QuoteFast
"Now I'm TWICE
as confused."
Free Log On Support
Short Video on FREE Log On Support.
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L Plates and Training Videos for Beginners.

"I can't believe these Videos
and L Plates make it so easy.

I don't have to be a computer whiz to use it.
This is so much easier to use than the others, and we get FREE on-going log on support from Paul and Garry. Other companies charge for support, but QuoteFast doesn't.
There are over 130 L Plate Training Courses and
130 Videos in TURBO &
TURBO GT to teach you anything you want to know..