FREE Log On Support
In the TURBO GT-X program , you'll see purple Log On Support Tabs on the left side of the screen. Just ring us, then click on them and we can log on from within the program for you.
Remember that both Paul and Garry have been involved in building for many years, so they'll understand what you're talking about.
This will allow us to see your computer screen in our office, and even use your computer remotely to take you through your query.
To have Paul or Garry log on and help you with a question, just CALL US FIRST on (02) 4358 4466 (Australia), then click on the required photo below.
When the log on panel appears, it will have an ID #.   Just tell Paul or Garry this number, and they'll log on to your computer to help you.
Click to allow  PAUL to log on.
Click to allow  GARRY to log on.
Allow Garry to Log On Button
Paul Moir
Program Designer.