Frustrated builder.

The REAL cost of quoting are our FAMILIES.

If you're one of 4 builders quoting on a job, and you don't win it, then you and 2 others are going to walk away disappointed and frustrated that you've just wasted your time.

Often this can be many hours, or even days.

Not winning jobs is a waste of not only YOUR time, but time you could have had with your family.

Then of course there's the money you DIDN'T MAKE by not being on site working.

If you haven't clicked on the calculator yet, you'll find it's a sobering thought to see just how much it costs YOU to do your quotes with your own figures.

I've been up since  5 o'clock this morning , worked all day, and I'll STILL be here at 11 o'clock tonight.

I've got to get a life.

We spend literally 100s and 100s of hours each year doing quotes, and if 4 builders quote on a job, 3 are going to walk away disappointed and frustrated that they've just wasted their time.

We all go to work to support our families, so why is that we have to spend so much time away from them....and not even get paid for our quotes?

Garry and I have spent the last 20 years developing QuoteFast to "give YOU back to your family".

So I guess the question is: 

"Do you REALLY want to cost jobs the way you are now....for the rest of your building life?"
What our Builders and their Wives Say !
The Frustrated
"I have to get a Life"

Ken and Julie Marshall.

I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation to Paul, and everyone at QuoteFast.

The program's ease of use and ability to make the quoting process simpler and more efficient has made  immense changes to our business.

This small group of people that make up the "QuoteFast family" are indeed a pleasure to deal with.

The professionalism shown by everyone is exceptional.

It is a refreshing change to deal with people who are dedicated to helping others make their own business a success.


David Fischer
Builder ACT.

We have been using QuoteFast for approximately 3 years.

It has fast tracked our quotes and shortened the quoting time involved.

We previously used another system that wasn't as user friendly as QuoteFast. 

This system is so easy. 

We have provided feedback over the years on improvements that could be made,

to make the system ever better and these have been enthusiastically picked up and implemented.

The system has improved dramatically from great to excellent over the past three years,

and has further improved the efficiency of quoting by introducing ScanPlan. 

We are impressed by how reasonably priced the system is and how much value we get for our money.


Michael Quelch
Sandra Lungo...Builder Qld.

We are a small building company struggling to keep up with quoting and administration.

It was seriously imposing on our family life.

We were introduced to QuoteFast at a presentation held by Queensland Master Builder's Association.

We were impressed by the simplicity of the program, and how efficiently and accurately it quoted jobs.

Paul and his team have offered exceptional training and support during our learning process.

We would highly recommend QuoteFast as a tool to improve and assist your business.


Digby Addison...Builder SA.

I purchased the QuoteFast Software 3 years ago. The program has exceeded all my expectations, and is now all I use.

The level of support has been exceptional. You receive support from people who know and understand the building industry.

I would highly recommend QuoteFast to builders in the domestic or renovation area.


Andrew K Murray... Builder- Vic

As a small builder, the decision was made to free up my weekends from the slow process of quoting,

and the only way to achieve this was to purchase an estimating software program. 

After watching a small Business program on TV, where the QuoteFast program was shown,

it prompted me to contact Paul Moir, the managing director,

and discuss the system, as well as accessing the 30 day free trial.  

Paul was very helpful and having been in building himself,
he has a first hand knowledge of what should be in a quoting system.

After researching various products on the market, the decision was made, and 2 years ago I purchased QuotFast.

Comparing the old way I used to quote to using the QuoteFast system, instead of spending the whole weekend and sometimes more,

I now can finish a quote for a basic brick veneer addition in about one hour,

and with on-going use I'm more than confident of lowering this time.

I now have my weekends back!

The after sales support is fantastic, and they are available to answer any question
no matter how minor it may seem.

As well they have an on-going development program where if you have a specific
function you would like included on the program, they are willing to discuss adding it.                                     

With any Estimating program, the main criteria for myself was ease of use, speed and cost,

the QuoteFast system certainly achieves this, and now with their training videos
the learning process is quick and painless.

Even though I'm only a small builder and not using QuoteFast every day,

I've found it to be an invaluable tool to efficiently and accurately
quote with, and would not hesitate in recommending it as an excellent quoting system.

Since using QuoteFast,
I haven't lost a job .......
and my golf handicap is down to 14".

Charles Schulz.....Builder Qld.


"Now I have my weekends back."

Andrew Murray....Builder Vic.
It's your family that suffers when quotes take too long.
Click the calculator above to see the real cost of your quotes both in money, and time away from your family.
The REAL Cost of Quoting....a Sobering Thought.
Our Builders and wives references picture.
Nothing comes close to QuoteFast with ScanPlan. It has made a huge change to our family's lives.
Sandra Lungo...Builder's wife
Quoting Calculator.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.
Paul Moir
Program Designer.