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The easiest most powerful estimating software for the building industry.

LogOnSupport in the QuoteFast program is free for all builders to get support from the program designer or programmer.
Video Brick takes the builder to a page where they can watch multiple videos about the software making it easier and faster to quote their jobs.
Home page fro QuoteFast gives the builder access to all the different features in the software including Error protection, live prices download, Combos, ToolBox Tools, Get Rid of Tyrekickers software, Sketchit and more.
ContactUs Brick allows builders to contact the QuoteFast office for more information on this fast and easy estimating software for the building industry.
AboutUs Brick tells the builder about us
Referrals Brick.jpg gives the builder a selection of referrals from past client builders.
PRICING BUTTON.jpg gives the pricing details of the software as well as a comparison between renting and buying the software.
Q&A 2.jpg answers all the builders FAQs in a questions and answers format.
Building Quoting Software

Paul and Pam Moir: Owners of QuoteFast Software family business.

Paul is the primary program designer of this fast and easy Estimating Software while Pam looks after all the company office matters. Pam and I owned and operated our own additions and renovations quoting business for over 30 years.

Having studied Civil Engineering and Construction at the University of NSW and worked for the Sydney Water Board, the NSW Electricity Commission, Transfield P/L and the Commonwealth Department of Works, as well as several building companies to gain the experience we needed, Paul decided to move into the Housing Industry full time.

So way back in 1984, I decided "I had to get a life” as I wasn’t seeing enough of my family because of the long hours I was working. So Pam and I started QuoteFast Software to initially help us do our quotes faster and more accurately.

It wasn’t very long before we realised we could help other builders as well, so we closed our additions business and worked full time in developing QuoteFast.
We thought, as in the movie, … “if we build it… they’ll come”. … and you did. Over 900 builders all around Australia and New Zealand have now bought a copy of QuoteFast.

Garry Brown: Computer Programmer.

Garry soon joined us as our estimating software contract programmer and has been with us for over 35 years. He has been responsible for the programming & development of many cutting edge techniques we use in the QuoteFast program today.

Garry often works with our builders during the free log on support sessions to formulate new ways to make quoting fast and easy.

Self taught, Garry has also been involved with building and construction work “on the tools”, so as well as being a brilliant programmer, he’s had first hand experience in the building industry. It’s not often we find a programmer who knows building as well as programming and that there’s a difference between an LVL and a TripleGrip.

So we’re very proud to have Garry as our programmer and friend and look forward to a long association with him in the development of future QuoteFast programs and ToolBox Tools.

You....our QuoteFast Builders:

Our builders are an integral part of QuoteFast.  After all, over the many years of development since 1984, it has been your suggestions coupled with our computing that have made GTX the program it is today with its cutting edge features and builder protection.

QuoteFast is now in the enviable position to boast that not only does it quote, quickly and easily it is also giving our builders " Back to Their Families."

With out your participation in giving Garry and I good ideas to add to the program, we couldn't have kept ahead of the industry in anticipating what you need as the industry changes. This is one of the main reasons we don't charge for Log On Support or pass you off to someone else at a help desk.

     God bless,

     Paul Moir   CEO

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