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QuoteFast is the easiest most powerful estimating software for the building industry. QuoteFast is a family business established in 1984 to help give buiders back to their families. This page gives builders information on all the error protection tools we have built into quotefast to help stop them from making errors. it allows them to watch short videos on the tools.
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The easiest most powerful estimating software for the building industry.

LogOnSupport in the QuoteFast program is free for all builders to get support from the program designer or programmer.
Video Brick takes the builder to a page where they can watch multiple videos about the software making it easier and faster to quote their jobs.
Home page fro QuoteFast gives the builder access to all the different features in the software including Error protection, live prices download, Combos, ToolBox Tools, Get Rid of Tyrekickers software, Sketchit and more.
ContactUs Brick allows builders to contact the QuoteFast office for more information on this fast and easy estimating software for the building industry.
AboutUs Brick tells the builder about us
Referrals Brick.jpg gives the builder a selection of referrals from past client builders.
PRICING BUTTON.jpg gives the pricing details of the software as well as a comparison between renting and buying the software.
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MISSED ITEMS 2.jpg is one of the tools in quotefast error protection package to stop builders forgetting items in their job costings. Builders can watch a short video of how this missed items failsafe tool works.

MISSED ITEMS FAILSAFE: Most professions only need to deal with one or two different things, but builders have to constantly deal with all the pressures shown above. If it's not the client, it's the subbie. If it's not the subbie it's the bank or the supplier, or the Council or Engineer etc....let alone the weather !! Generally we tend to accept these things as the "cost of doing business". But when they conspire together when we're quoting...well that's serious. A missed item, or items when doing a quote can mean thousands of dollars lost before you even start the job. Missed Items FailSafe in conjunction with the other Error Protection Tools below, will save all the anguish of an under-quoted job. You can also use Missed Items FailSafe to add extra components that the owner or Engineer might want. For Example: If you chose a brick wall and later the owner wanted it to be rendered, you can add the render in Missed items FailSafe in just a couple of mouse clicks.

TRACE CHECK.jpg is another tool to stop builders forgetting to trace items in their quotes. It checks all the traces they have done and highlights those that are missing. Builders can watch a short video of this tool.
LIVE PRICES.jpg this Live Prices Download tool allows builders to download the latest accurate prices from building suppliers to use in their quotes. They can watch a short video on how to download prices using this tool.

TRACE CHECK: Some time ago we had a builder who (because of time pressure to get the quote done), just completely forgot to trace an important roof costing him $19,000 at the time. He called us and asked if there was anyway we could "stop him from forgetting things ?" TraceCheck was the answer. Now he uses TraceCheck all the time to check his traces and plots......Glad we could help.

Dear Builder,
Error Protection Package has been designed as an insurance policy to stop our QuoteFast builders  making quoting errors. If we use wrong Material Prices or Labour Rates, or forget items, or not cost all the job sections, these often lead to a huge reduction in profit and therefore your family's income. We've all experienced that "knot in the pit of the stomach" feeling when we realise that we've forgotten something in the quote, and that leads to increased stress during the job....and that's something we definitely don't need !
      Builder's Error Protection Package has a series of individual tools built into GTX Turbo to stop these mistakes. The videos below will show you how GTX Turbo does this.

      The quantity take-offs of many items costed in a job are done by either tracing an area or line, or by plotting an item such as a concrete pier or post.  TraceCheck checks all the different traced items and shows them colour coded so you don't forget any. It's easy to overlook something when there's multiples of them in different sections of the job, such as different slabs or multiple roofs etc.
       You'll soon see anything that's missing using

       If you're quoting a job and your Material and Labour Rates are out of date and therefore may as well not do the quote.
       With prices increasing at such a rapid
rate and subbies always looking for a rate increase,
LIVE PRICES DOWNLOAD is essential for any builder.

         Some estimating software packages allow you to download from a specific supplier, but QuoteFast GTX Turbo lets you download from a wide variety of suppliers covering all the materials in a job. These prices are updated regularly so you can be confident in quoting.  If you're in a remote area, they can even be adjusted to suit.

LIVE PRICES DOWNLOAD: Gone are the days when you had to sit on the phone trying to get material prices from your suppliers. QuoteFast GTX Turbo allows you to download from one central database of regularly updated material prices, from a wide variety of suppliers selling different products. In addition to the usual timber and hardware, LIVE PRICES DOWNLOAD allows you to download steel, specialty timber flooring, skip bins, plasterboard, iron roofing, guttering, reinforcement and even down to glass brick and concrete block prices. GTX Turbo also allows you to download spreadsheets of Labour rates from your own subbies, replacing the generic rates that come included as part of the package. You can add your own and change any Material or Labour rate...all on the one, easy to use screen. IMPORTANT: QuoteFast GTX Turbo comes pre-loaded with 5000 - 6000 Material and Labour rates....right out of the box....ready to quote.

RED CELL.jpg alerts builders to problems in their quotes when they have wrong price. This error protection tool turns the cell in the software red when it finds a wrong price and displays an error protection message for the builder until they fix it. This image allows builders to watch a short video on how it works.

         If you select an item to cost and for whatever reason the Quantity value is zero, RED  CELL  ALERT will pick it up in the final summary screen so you can rectify it before giving the client the final quote. This can happen as it did to one of our builders. He selected an item but had to go out on site urgently. ...but he forgot to enter the quantity....Ouch!   Red Cell Alert stops this from happening.

RED CELL ALERT: With all the pressure we're under when doing our quotes, we can sometimes rush them and miss things. Red Cell Alert, built into the Costed Items summary screen, where you can check every single item you've selected in the quote, all on one screen, will alert you to any zero quantities that shouldn't be there. The zero cost cell(s) will turn red and a popup warning will appear. It will even alert you to small items missing in an individual room if not costed.

MINIMUM PRICE.jpg allows domestic and residential builders to adjust the minimum price of items in their quote as an error protection to make sure thay are not under quoted. This image allows builders to watch a short video on this error protection tool in quotefast.

  Sometimes in a job the amount of work needed for a particular trade is small so their normal rates don't apply. Minimum Price Adjustments allows you to pre-set a minimum charge for each trade. Then when this happens in a job, you need only click ONE button and GTX Turbo will add the difference between the costed price and the minimum price you pre-set .... for all trades in the job. This stops you forgetting to "up their rate" because the job is small. Maybe it's a plumber who only has to add a garden tap, or electrician to add one extra power point ..... they aren't going to do it for their normal rate !

MINIMUM PRICE ADJUSTMENT: When we have jobs, (particularly reno jobs) where we have small bits and pieces for some trades we forget to up their rates because they won't do the work for their normal rates. For example: If there's no wall tiling in the job except for a couple of m2 behind a sink in a rumpus room but you need the tiler and can't do it yourself...or... a small plumbing or electrical job or a bit of rendering around a knock out. Well Minimum Price Adjustment on the Costed Items screen allows you to instantly "up their rates" to cover the additional cost. All trades used throughout the job are checked and increased at once.

TRADE RATE CALCS.jpg allows builders to see a short video on how trade rates are calculated in the program. This stops errors by allowing builders to change the trade rates for each job as needed.

 Not only does GTX Turbo give you the Trade Rates, it also gives you the calculations used to generate them, so you can adjust to suit your own situation. For Example: You may have 4 carpenters to a team not 2 or they may take a shorter or longer time to do the generic qty of a task shown here. By clicking on any gold and green arrow, you can adjust to suit. Trade Rate Calcs will also show you the last date you changed them.

TRADE RATE CALCULATIONS: Clearly Labour Rates are very important to have right. Some estimating software packages will only give you the LM or M2 or unit rate with no idea of how they were calculated. QuoteFast GTX Turbo goes right back to first principles and shows you the calculations that you would use if you didn't have an estimating program. It then calculates the actual rates from this calc. If you change the trade's hourly rates, it will update ALL the rates by that trade that are calculated or you can just change individual calculations.

Builder's Error Protection Insurance Package
Request a free demo trial to test all the Builder's Protection Package features and tools
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